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Why folks get tattooed &

Why I love tattooing....

To claim ones own body sometimes for the very first time
Make a statement
Mark milestones
Building mystery
The magic
The wonder
The sacred
Self empowerment
Undeniable and exhilarating experience
The journey
Morphing your ideas and dreams into reality.

I am extremely honored to humbly guide and partake in bridging your life’s moments through personal and permanent expression.

tattoos Ashland, OR piercing, permanent makeup
Providing a professional relaxed atmosphere where your comfort is our concern.
   Mori Ink tattoo studio in Ashland, OR provides tattoos, piercing and permanent makeup in a clean and sterile environment that is warm, comfortable, and relaxing. Our professional female tattoo artist specializes in fine line and color work. Custom tattoo designing is also available. At Mori Ink tattoo studio, the tattoo artists use the most up to date, state regulated methods for tattoos, piercing, and permanent makeup. Hospital type sterilization and single service nontoxic colors are provided for each client's tattoo needs. All procedures are followed with step by step aftercare for your new tattoo, piercing, or permanent makeup.

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248 Second St., Ashland, OR
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